The Zuckerman System was a star system located to the galactic south east of Manticore and Yeltsin's Star.

In the first part od the 15th century PD the Zuckerman System was raided by the Free Brotherhood. (MA1)

In 1905 PD, it was the location of a Royal Manticoran Navy base to which a heavy cruiser squadron commanded by Commodore Sarah Longtree was assigned. Thats why the Zuckerman System was refered as the space of the Manticoran Alliance.

A violation of Alliance territory was commited by the People's Navy at Zuckerman as part of Operation Perseus: a force of six battlecruisers, eight heavy cruisers, and screening elements entered the system in normal space and destroyed a number of surveillance platforms before reversing course and leaving the system. (HH3)

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