Zion class
Name: Zion class
Type: Destroyer
Affiliation: Protectorate of Grayson
Date Introduced: 1879 PD
Preceded By: Ararat class
Mass: 65,250 tons
Length: 346 m
Beam: 41 m
Draught: 24 m
Acceleration: 420.4 G
(525.5 G maximum)
Armament: Broadside: 4M, 2L, 2CM, 3AC
Chase: 1L, 2AC

The Zion class was a class of destroyers build and used by the Grayson Space Navy.

It was designed as a follow-on to GNS Ararat, adding a fourth broadside missile launcher; the lack of room for additional missile storage reduced the number of salvoes per launcher from eight to six. Defenses included point defense autocannon as chasers and an additional autocannon on each broadside.[1]

The class was scheduled to receive the same defensive upgrades as the Ararat, but the onset of the final Masadan War disrupted these plans. Of the three ships built of the class, only GNS Saul survived the conflict; the vessel was decommissioned in 1905 PD after the first wave of Manticoran exchange program ships arrived. (Companion)

Known ships Edit

  • GNS Zion - Lead Ship of the Class
  • GNS David (destroyed in 1903 PD)
  • GNS Saul (decommissioned in 1905 PD)

References Edit

  1. These guns were imported from the Solarian League, which was switching to lasers at the time.
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