The Zanzibar System Navy was the naval force of the Caliphate of Zanzibar. It was also called the Caliphate Navy (in 1905 PD) and the Zanzibaran Navy (in 1913 PD).

Until 1913 PD, the ZSN was essentially still a sublight self-defense force[1] which required a substantial Manticoran picket for backup. The ZNS did not have anything bigger than a heavy cruiser, and its units were probably assigned almost exclusively to the defense of their own home system.[2] (HH8)


  • Around 1913 PD, Rear Admiral Michael Tennard, Manticoran picket commander, was probably commanding officer of the Zanzibar System Defense Command. (HH8)
  • Around 1920 PD, Admiral Gammal al-Bakr was the Chief of Naval Operations and commanding officer of the Zanzibar System Defense Command. (HH11)
  • The Manticoran Alliance specifically assigned the Zanzibar's System Defense authority to the ZSN. (state of 1920 PD)


  • 1905 PD – presence of light attack craft confirmed, including probably obsolete Highlander-class units (HH3, JIR 1)
  • 1913 PD – a handful of cruisers, destroyers and obsolete LACs (HH8)
  • c1920 PD – Zanzibar System Defense Command controlled:
    • system defence missile launchers
    • inner and outer LAC platforms[3]
    • a heavy Manticoran picket[4](HH11)

After the Second Battle of Zanzibar, as part of the program to rebuild the ZSN, the Saganami A -class heavy cruiser Quentin Saint-James was transferred there[5]. (HH11, SI2)



  1. In 1905 PD, only the destroyed LAC Al-Nassir, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Mudhafer Ben-Fazal, was mentioned. (HH3)
  2. Shipyards capable of building battlecruisers were constructed in the system twice, but were destroyed by Havenite forces before being operational.
  3. Modern LACs had been assigned by the Alliance. Outer LAC platforms under the Manticoran command.
  4. Battle Squadron 31 during the raid on Zanzibar, a task force during Operation Gobi
  5. since Quentin Saint-James was on the List of Honor, Zanzibar renamed her to release the name