Yuri Radamacher
Male civilian
Full Name
Yuri Radamacher
Male   Male
Ambassador to the
Kingdom of Torch

Yuri Radamacher was a Havenite citizen, StateSec official and politician.

Biography Edit

Radamacher was a long-time opponent of the Legislaturalist regime and was sentenced to an unstated duration in an InSec prison. He was freed after three years due to Rob S. Pierre's coup and later graduated third from the bottom of his class in the StateSec Academy.

As a People's Commissioner, he was attached to Commodore Jean-Pierre Ogilve, second in command in Vice Admiral Genevieve Chin's task force stationed in the La Martine Sector.

In early 1915 PD, during an investigation concerning the murder of Robert Jamka, Radamacher, now the People's Commissioner assigned to Vice Admiral Chin, was appointed Assistant Special Investigator. He supported Special Investigator for the Director Victor Cachat.

After Admiral Thomas Theisman's successful coup and the restoration of the Republic, Radamacher was appointed governor of the La Martine Sector after Cachat declined the post. (HHA4.5: F)

In the early 1920s PD, he served as Haven's ambassador to the Kingdom of Torch, continuing his affair with Sharon Justice. (CS3)

Character Edit

Radamacher had an excellent record, but was considered by his superiors to be lazy and too interested in being liked by others. (HHA4.5: F)

Service Record Edit

  • State Security:
    • Student - State Security Academy
    • People's Commissioner to Commodore Ogilve
    • Assistant Special Investigator for the Director, La Martine Sector
  • Governor, La Martine Sector
  • Ambassador to the Kingdom of Torch

References Edit

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