The Yildun Wormhole Junction was a wormhole junction in the Yildun System with at least three termini.

It was the second-oldest wormhole known to humanity. Yildun did not include a habitable planet, but the presence of the Junction made the star system a hub for interstellar transport in the Solarian League, which supported industrial development in Yildun, including such companies as Technodyne Industries. (CS1)

It also had two shorter bridges connecting to the Dickerson System and the Mascot System, neither of which had additional termini, although Mascot was only about 42 light-years from Olivia, which was one terminus of a very long hyper bridge that ended up far out on the “southwestern” fringe of explored space.

Known TerminiEdit

The Yildun Terminus was located in the Yildun System

References Edit

2 additional termini disclosed by David Weber.