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Yanakov Steading was one of Grayson's steadings, or feudal provinces. Its capital and first settlement was Yanakov City, as every Steading capital bore the name of its first steadholder.

History Edit

Together with Mayhew, Burdette, Mackenzie and Bancroft, Yanakov Steading was one of Grayson's five original Steadings, and alongside the other four founding Steadings it more or less exerted control over Grayson until the Civil War and Benjamin the Great's constitution helped to tilt the balance of power towards the Protector. (HH5)

The Yanakov family, which held the Steadholdership since the founding of the Protectorate, descended from Hugh Yanakov, captain of the colony ship Gideon, which carried the colonists to Grayson, and one of the men that led the doctrinary revolution embracing technology following the death of the Reverend Austin Grayson. (HH2, Companion)

In the 15th Century PD, Steadholder Dietmar Yanakov opposed Protector Thomas II, who had come to power after murdering his own older brother. The deceased Protector's wife was Lord Yanakov's daughter, and gave birth to a son some time later; Lord Yanakov crafted a coalition with Lord Mackenzie and other steadholders to remove Thomas II from office and install his nephew on the throne. (HH8, Companion)

Known Steadholders Yanakov Edit

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