Xavier Conde was a Solarian citizen and journalist.

Originally from the planet El Hira, he had become one of the Solarian League's second tier newscasters. He was good-looking and telegenic, but not particularly intelligent -- a fact he himself was unaware of.

Conde, his producer, Vittoria Daramy, and their recording technician, Alex Xu, travelled to the planet Mesa in mid-1922 PD to do a special report on the casualties suffered by the planet's Seccy population during and after the nuclear attack on the city of Green Pines.

He and his team were abducted by a group of Mesan Alignment agents pretending to be Audubon Ballroom terrorists. They forced Conde to read their manifesto for the camera, and then proceeded to shoot Vittoria Daramy and beat Conde up to force him to finish the reading. (CS3)

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