Wormhole termini were the entry and departure points of a Wormhole junction.

The defense of a terminus or a central junction was a very tricky situation for a star nation. Attackers arriving through the wormhole were able to appear and fire with little warning for the defenders. Forts and laser platforms were usually deployed half a million kilometers away from the terminus to help with the lag time. (HH1)

Known terminiEdit

Agueda-Stine Hyper BridgeEdit

Asgard Wormhole JunctionEdit

Congo Wormhole BridgeEdit

Dionigi-Katharina Hyper BridgeEdit

Erewhon Wormhole JunctionEdit

Felix Wormhole JunctionEdit

Idaho Hyper BridgeEdit

Manticore Wormhole JunctionEdit

Nolan-Katharina Hyper BridgeEdit

Roulette-Limbo Hyper BridgeEdit

Syou-tang-Olivia Hyper BridgeEdit

Visigoth Wormhole JunctionEdit

Yildun Wormhole JunctionEdit


Phoenix Wormhole JunctionEdit

The Phoenix Wormhole's two "termini" were in fact the Manticore Junction and the Erewhon Junction, and the "Junction" was nothing but two termini of two different junctions which were coincidentally located in neighboring systems. Thus Phoenix was a "junction" in the traffic sense of the word, but not in the astrophysical one.

SGC-902-36-G Wormhole AnomalyEdit

The SGC-902-36-G Wormhole Anomaly (or 'The Twins') was a pair of wormhole termini in the SGC-902-36-G System less than two light-minutes from one another and 9.24 light-minutes from SGC-902-36-G itself, placing them precisely on the star's hyperlimit and making them the only known wormhole termini in the explored galaxy which were less than thirty light-minute from a star. One of the anomaly's termini was associated with the Felix Wormhole Junction while the other was associated with the Congo Wormhole Bridge. (CS2)