Wolfe Guzarwan was a pirate in the 16th Century PD. He captained the starship Fenris.

In the 1530s PD, he worked for a mysterious group from a place called Canaan. His crew included system hacker Dhotrumi, Mota, Colonel Vachali, and Kichloo.

He liked steaks and margaritas.

In early 1533 PD, he and his crew travelled to Secour System aboard the freighter Wanderer, acting as diplomats from the Ueshiba System. They managed to temporarily take control of two cruisers present in the system, Péridot and Saintonge, but with help from the Royal Manticoran Navy, the Havenite and Casca officers were able to retake the vessels. Guzarwan himself was killed by Captain Eigen, who choked him to death during the struggle. (MA1)

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