A bottle and glass of wine

Wine was an alcoholic beverage originally invented on Earth millenia before the Diaspora began. It was typically made of fermented grape juice, but could include other ingredients.

Copper Ridge was considered an excellent brand of sparkling wine. (HHA4.4: LGTP)

Wine could also be destilled into brandy, which was still enjoyed on Grayson as of 1903 PD. (HH2)

Honor Harrington celebrated her appointment as commanding officer of HMS Nike with a bottle of '27 Delacourt. (HH3)

The Andermani captital planet of Potsdam produced a unique dark wine from microbiologically redesigned grapes that were originally created when Gustav Anderman had his scientists save the colony from starvation. (HH6)

On Beowulf, a gewürztraminer-style wine from Alessandra Farms was sold in the 19th Century PD. (HHA6.3: BATB)

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