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"What Price Dreams?", written by David Weber, is the second short story in the second Honorverse anthology Worlds of Honor, first published in 1999.

Timeframe: 1651 PD

Plot Edit

After the death of her mother, Queen Consort Solange, Adrienne Winton, Crown Princess of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, becomes more and more estranged from her grieving father, King Roger II. Against his will she goes on a state visit to the planet Sphinx, where the treecat Seeker of Dreams adopts her shortly before foiling an assassination attempt on her. After these events, her father's attitude changes and they enjoy a much closer relationship. She names Seeker of Dreams Dianchect.

Background Edit

This tale of how the later Queen Adrienne I of Manticore met her treecat is another story about human-treecat interaction, exploring the background to the treecats' extraordinary status in Manticoran society.

The detailed account on the Treecat Rights Bill and its background also establishes the exact date Earth's Final War ended as 943 PD.

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