Wallace Canning
Wallace Canning 01
Full Name
Wallace Canning
Male   Male
PRH Consul on Medusa

Wallace Canning was a Havenite citizen and diplomat.

Biography Edit

In 1900 PD, Canning was the People's Republic of Haven's consul on the planet Medusa, an officially neutral world in the Manticoran-controlled Basilisk System. He was also part of Operation Odysseus, and when a Medusan uprising, planned for and supported by Havenite agents, went out of control and began moving toward off-planet enclaves, Canning ordered the PMSS Sirius to leave orbit to abort the supposedly accidental appearance on the scene of a Republic of Haven Navy task force at Medusa. (HH1)

On returning to Haven after Operation Odysseus' failure, he fell out of favor with the Legislaturalists, and was compelled to become a Dolist and live in public housing. He found a cause in the coup Rob S. Pierre was planning, and played a central role in the scheme. After it succeeded, he returned to the corridors of power.[1] (HH3)

References Edit

  1. Yet, given the ideological hatred of the aristocratic Legislaturalists, it is likely that he fell in one or another of the purges organized by fanatics such as Cordelia Ransom.

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