Virginia Usher
Female civilian
Full Name
Virginia Usher
Female   Female
  ●   Spouse(s): 

Virginia "Ginny" Usher, bred as C-17a/65-4/5, was an escaped Mesan genetic slave and the wife of Kevin Usher.

Physical charateristicsEdit

She was shapely and beautiful, with a broad smile. (CS1)


As a C-line, she was bred, and then "phenotypically reinforced" (which meant being raped continuously from an early age), to be a sex slave. However, she managed to flee from slavery and worked as a prostitute for a while, until she met Kevin Usher, with whom she fell in love. (HHA3.3: FtH)

Secret Marriage Edit

Usher managed to keep his marriage to Virginia out of his StateSec file, and a surprise to his revolutionary associates as well. Only after the fall of the Saint-Just remnant regime and the reestablishment of the old Haven Constitution did it become public knowledge. (HHA3.3: FtH)

Stein Funeral Edit

Virginia traveled to the Republic of Erewhon as an unofficial Havenite delegate attending the Stein funeral. Special Officer Victor Cachat of the Federal Investigation Agency accompanied her under a cover story of having an illicit affair with her, which elicited much knowing comment about the boss getting taken advantage of by an underling and a faithless wife. At the reception, a very inebriated Virginia very nearly caused a "Major Diplomatic Incident of the Minor Variety" by vomiting on a group of Solarian League diplomats. She deliberately maneuvered to their table as she felt the need to barf. She had begun to drink to provide cover for contact Victor and a representative for Walter Imbesi, an important Erewhonese political figure. His niece Naomi was a young, voluptuous woman, with a wild Erewhonese reputation. The plan was to stage a casual affair between Victor and Naomi for onlookers, which required Virginia, to find a way to become irrelevant -- in this case by getting drunk. (CS1)

References Edit

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