Valiant, known as Dirt Grubber among his own kind, was a Sphinxian treecat of the Damp Ground Clan, and one of the first treecats to bond with a human.

He was among the few members of his clan who believed that Climbs Quickly's making contact with the "two-legs" was not a bad choice. In 1521 PD, he was helping his clan in the evacuation of their nesting grounds during a major forest fire. In the course of these events, he met a number of humans, and saved one of them, a teenage girl named Jessica Pheriss, from a falling tree. She in turn protected him from the fire, and the two bonded. Jessica almost instantly named him "Valiant", and the two were rescued and brought to safety. (SK2)

He later became a researcher in the cutting edge - for treecats - science of agriculture. He maintained three separate gardens, one in the Harrington family greenhouse, another with the Pheriss family, and a third with his clan. He would also collect plant samples from all over Sphinx. He would display the treecats' intelligence by carefully keeping track of his plantings to systematically determine the optimum methods for growing crops. (SK3)