• MaximusHH

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick introduction, I started reading Honor Harringtone about 10 years ago as a recommendation from a South African friend. I started with HH1 and loved it so much! At the time it was really difficult to get hold of the HH series books in the UK but I manged to get HH1 and HH3 from Waterstones or somewhere like that. There was also a few on Amazon but they were in the States and too expensive to import at the time for me. I have been a massive Sci-Fi fan all my life so reading HH was like a breath of fresh air, and I wan't such a big reader of Sci-Fi either but loved Sci-Fi films and TV series.

    So recently I decided to pick up HH1-2-3-4 from as they have the entire series now availble in uk for reasonable priā€¦

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