Final battle

Dotz July 19, 2009 User blog:Dotz

Well, it seems most of Honor Harrington novels are ended with final battle:

  • HH0 - battle against PSN vessel,
  • HH1 - battle against PNS Sirius,
  • HH2 - battle of Yeltsin,
  • HH3 - battle of Hancock,
  • HH4 - duel with Young,
  • HH5 - another battle of Yeltsin,
  • HH6 - battle of Selker's Rift,
  • HH7 - battle against Tepeses' crews,
  • HH8 - battle of Cerberus,
  • HH9 - Theismans' coup,
  • HH10 - battle in the Sidemore System,
  • HH11 - battle of Manticore,
  • WS1 - the Congo System takeover,
  • WS2 - battle of Torch?
  • SI1 - battle of Monica,
  • SI2 - Mesan "strom from the shadows" - or there appeared no volume to describe ongiong battles in the Talbott Quadrant.

--dotz 13:57, 19 July 2009 (UTC)

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