Twelfth Fleet
People's Navy
Affiliation: People's Republic of Haven
Established: 1912 PD
Commanding Officer: Admiral Javier Giscard
Flagship: PNS Salamis
Strength: 36 SD
16 DN
81 BB
24 BC
40 CA
Notable Operations: Operation Icarus
Operation Scylla
Notable Battles: Second Battle of Seaford Nine
Second Battle of Hancock
First Battle of Zanzibar
First Battle of Alizon
Second Battle of Basilisk

The Twelfth Fleet was a Havenite fleet assembled under Admiral Javier Giscard to carry out Operation Icarus.

History Edit

The fleet was initially assembled in the Secour System in orbit around the star Secour-C, which kept it out. (HH8)

Twelfth Fleet enjoyed the first mass deployment of the newly developed Havenite missile pods, as well as upgraded recon drones thanks to technology transfers from Solarian League companies.

Organization Edit

Chain of command Edit

Operation Icarus:

  • Admiral Javier Giscard - Commanding Officer
  • Vice Admiral Lester Tourville - second in command, Commanding Officer, Task Force 12.2
  • Vice Admiral Ellen Shalus - third in command, Commanding Officer, Task Force 12.1
  • other independent commanding officers:
    • Rear Admiral Jane Kellet - Commanding Officer, Task Force 12.2
    • Rear Admiral Gregor Darlington - Commanding Officer, Task Group 12.4.2
    • Rear Admiral Ron Porter - senior squadron Commanding Officer and second in command at the Task Force 12.2, acting Commanding Officer there

Operation Scylla:

  • Admiral Javier Giscard - Commanding Officer
  • Vice Admiral Lester Tourville - second in command, task force Commanding Officer
  • Vice Admiral John Groenewold - third in command, Commanding Officer, Task Force 12.3
  • Rear Admiral Sue Fawcett - fourth in command probably, senior task group or squadron Commanding Officer

Admiral Giscard's staff Edit

Eloise Pritchart – People's Commissioner assigned to Admiral Giscard

Captain Short – flag captain, Commanding Officer, PNS Salamis

Vice Admiral Tourville's staff Edit

Everard Honeker – People's Commissioner assigned to Vice Admiral Tourville

Captain Alfred Hewitt – flag captain, Commanding Officer PNS Count Tilly

Strenght Edit

Initial composition Edit

Operation Icarus launch composition Edit

  • 36 SD
  • 16 DN
  • 81 BB
  • 24 BC
  • 40 CA
  • 23 CL and DD
  • service units

Losses during Operation Icarus Edit

Destroyed and heavily damaged at least:

  • 9 SD
  • 8 DN
  • 52 BB

No information concerning losses in the First Battle of Alizon.

Operation Scylla composition Edit

Instead of splited State Security Naval Forces battlesquadron in Operation Icarus, Twelfth Fleet was supported with 24 SSNF superdreadnoughts, assigned to the task forces commanded by Admirals Giscard and Tourville. That made:

  • 51 SD
  • 8 DN
  • 39 BB

Operations Edit

References Edit

  1. 4 battle squadrons, including PNS Salamis - Admiral Giscard's flagship
  2. 2 battle squadrons, including Rear Admiral Darlington's flagship
  3. 10 squadrons
  4. 3 squadrons, including PNS Count Tilly - Vice Admiral Tourville's flagship
  5. two service squadrons of fast freighters, carrying extra supplies of missile pods

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