Tswei-yun Wollenhaupt

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Tswei-yun Wollenhaupt
Male military Andermani
Full Name
Tswei-yun Wollenhaupt
Male   Male

Tswei-yun Wollenhaupt was a Andermani citizen and an officer of the Imperial Andermani Navy.

Biography Edit

Holding the rank of Konteradmiral, he was in command of the Imperial Navy's Battle Squadron 56. He was in the process of performing a number of war games under the supervision of Admiral Honor Harrington when Case: Zulu was declared upon the Republic of Haven Navy's invasion of the Manticore System. (HH11)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Konteradmiral

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, BatRon 56

References Edit

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