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Name: Truncheon class
Type: Heavy cruiser
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored Star Empire of Manticore
Date Introduced: 1809 PD
Mass: 223,000 tons
Length: 471 m
Beam: 57 m
Draught: 48 m
Acceleration: 410.6 G
(513.2 G maximum)
Armament: Broadside:
5M, 5L, 3G, 2CM, 6PD
2M, 1L, 1G, 1CM, 2PD

The Truncheon class was a class of heavy cruisers of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

History Edit

Intended as a cheaper companion model to the Warrior class, it was delayed fifteen years due to funding problems.

Considered old and obsolete by the beginning of the 20th Century PD, some of these vessels were refitted to serve as marine support cruisers. Those refitted ships were known as Nightstick-class LCAs, although very useful were very unpopular, causing plans to be made to replace them relatively quickly by purpose built a LCA class, the Broadsword class, which was delayed twenty years.

The last of the 77 ships of this class were retired in 1905 PD, much to the relief of the Marine Corps, which never liked the design. (JIR1, Companion

Known vessels Edit

  • HMS Truncheon

References Edit

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