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Triangle Route map

The Triangle Route (green)

The Triangle Route was an important trade route running from the Manticore System in the Star Kingdom of Manticore to the Gregor System in the Anderman Empire, through the heart of the Silesian Confederacy, then to the Basilisk System and back to Manticore.

It was an effective trade route as all runs except the one through Silesia were covered by termini of the Manticore Wormhole Junction.

However, the Silesian run was troubled by piracy, thus merchant ships were often escorted by warships of the Royal Manticoran Navy or the Imperial Andermani Navy. One of the most dangerous spots for the convoys was the Selker Rift, a gap between two hyperspace grav waves on the way from Andermani to Silesian space that had to be crossed at sublight speed to dodge another, exteremly dangerous "rogue wave". (HH6)

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