The treecats of Sphinx were divided into clans each of which occupied a hunting territory. The clans largely lived in peaceful coexistence under most circumstances. Clan relations included commodity trade, etc prior to the coming of humans to Sphinx

Each clan was governed by a group of Elders. They were chosen by seniority and prestige, but always included the clan's memory singers. A treecat might leave its clan to join another, for example when mating with a member of another clan. Those bonded with human beings remained members of their original clan, on detached duty, as it were.

The House of Winton and the Harrington Clan were referred to by treecats as the High Clan and Death Fang Bane's respectively. (HHA3.4: CoW)

Known treecat clans Edit

See here for a list of known treecat clans.

References Edit

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