Treecat Wars consists of a total of 22 chapters, followed by a short glossary titled "Notes".

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Chapter One Edit

Sphinx Forestry Service provisional rangers Stephanie Harrington and Karl Zivonik learn that Chief Ranger Shelton intends to send them both to an accelerated three-month training program on the planet Manticore. Stephanie will be allowed to go even though she is not an adult yet, and also receives permission to take her treecat companion, Lionheart, with her. Stephanie accepts, but worries how her long absence will impact her blooming relationship with Anders Whittaker.

Lionheart, whose true name is Climbs Quickly, senses the emotional turmoil of his two-leg bonding partner, calms her down through their telepathic link, and leaves her to discuss her problems with Karl on the way home.

Chapter Two Edit

After informing her mother about the Chief Ranger's offer, Stephanie meets with Anders.

Chapter Three Edit

Chapter Four Edit

Chapter Five Edit

Chapter Six Edit

Chapter Seven Edit

Chapter Eight Edit

Chapter Nine Edit

Chapter Ten Edit

Chapter Eleven Edit

Chapter Twelve Edit

Chapter Thirteen Edit

Chapter Fourteen Edit

Chapter Fifteen Edit

Chapter Sixteen Edit

Chapter Seventeen Edit

Chapter Eightteen Edit

Chapter Nineteen Edit

Chapter Twenty Edit

Chapter Twenty-One Edit

Chapter Twenty-Two Edit

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