The Totenkopf Hussars Regiment was an elite unit of the Imperial Andermani Army which served as the household guard of the Andermani Emperor and his family.

Thus, the Totenkopf Hussars were the equivalent of the Manticoran Monarch's Own Regiment.

Notes and UniformsEdit

Totenkopf was originally a German term translating to "Death's Head", and meaning skull; consequently, the Regiment's emblem was a silver skeleton emblazoned on their uniform caps.

The Totenkopf Hussars' dress uniform was considered anachronistic by 20th Century PD standards, and included a black tunic with frogged breasts, with a fur-trimmed pelisse for officers in command of Totenkopf detachments, and a furred tall cap with the regimental emblem in front. The Hussars' uniform was personally designed by the founder of the Anderman Empire, Gustav Anderman, who wished it to reflect his "Prussian heritage".[1] (HH6)


The Totenkopf Hussars were permanently assigned to the Imperial capital world of Potsdam during peacetime, and off-world deployments were nominally conducted only during a state of war.

However, the Emperor could personally assign Totenkopf contingents to those individuals whom he held in high regard; such was the case in 1908 PD, when a contingent of Totenkopf troopers was stationed onboard the superdreadnought IANS Derfflinger, the flagship of the Emperor's first cousin, Großadmiral Chien-lu Anderman, Herzog von Rabenstrange. (HH6) This decision proved wise, as they saved the Herzog's life when Thomas Mercier tried to take him hostage in 1913 PD. (HHA5.2: AAoW)

Known personnel Edit

References Edit

  1. He believed himself to be the reincarnation of Frederick the Great.

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