Tobin Manischewitz was a Mesan citizen and an agent of Manpower Incorporated.

In the mid-19th Century PD, he was teamed up with Giuseppe Ardmore and several other agents to work undercover on Beowulf, disguising themselves as licensed employees of Black Mountain Security. After they kidnapped Allison Chou, he contacted her brother, Captain Jacques Benton-Ramirez y Chou, and demanded he hand over information on Biological Survey Corps agents in the Silesian Confederacy.

A short time later, Alfred Harrington breached the Mesans' compound to free Chou, killing Ardmore and several others. Manischewitz tried to hunt down the fleeing couple, but he and his remaining agents were killed by a flechette pod from a BSC assault shuttle. (HHA6.3: BATB)

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