Timothy Zeiger, bred as D-17d-2547-2/5, was a former Mesan genetic slave and a citizen of the Kingdom of Torch.

Biography Edit

In 1886 PD, the slaver convoy he was on was intercepted by a People's Navy force. Most of the Mesan ships were able to jump into hyperspace, but the ship Zeiger was on was destroyed before it could translate. Zeiger, a fellow slave named Barbara Patten, and two guards were the only ones to get away in a lifeboat, and were soon picked up by the Havenites.[1]

He arrived on the planet Torch on March 3, 1920 PD, and got married less than half a year later. He ended up working for the Pharmaceutical Inspection Board. His wife gave birth to their first child some time later, and a second one was on the way by late 1921 PD. (CS2)

References Edit

  1. The Havenites spaced the Mesan guards within the hour.

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