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This is a timeline of the events relevant to the Honorverse's history.

Several different date formats are used:

  • Before Christ (BC) – dates increase as you go back in time- 1 BC is the year before 1 AD
  • Anno Domini (AD)[1] or Common Era (CE) – both begin with year 1 of the Gregorian calendar
  • Post Diaspora (PD) – first human colonization ship leaves Earth - 1 PD = 2103 CE
  • Ante Diaspora[2] – Before first human colonization ship leaves Earth - 1 Ante Diaspora = 2102 CE. Dates increase as you go back in time.
  • After Landing (AL) – Colony Ship Jason lands on Manticore - 0 AL = 1416 PD, counted in Manticoran years (1 Manticoran year = 1.73 T-year)

Before Common Era Edit

  • 100,000+ BCE – The Alphane civilization settles on a number of planets in the Galaxy. (HHA1.2: AGT)
  • ~ 96,000 BCE – Lava overflows an Alphane city on the planet Tesserow. (HHA1.2: AGT)
  • Roughly 200 BCE – Sun Tzu of China writes The Art of War. (HH2)

Common Era Edit

  • around 1835 CE – Baseball is invented on Earth.
  • 2064 CE (38 Ante Diaspora) – The Lunar Revolt breaks out against Earth in the Sol System. (HH8)

Post Diaspora Edit

1st Century PD Edit

3rd Century PD Edit

4th Century PD Edit

5th Century PD Edit

6th Century PD Edit

8th Century PD Edit

  • c763 PD – Suffren arrives and conducts the first survey of the Manticore System. (UHH)
  • c764 PD – Suffren departs Manticore for the return journey to Earth.

10th Century PD Edit

11th Century PD Edit

  • 1003 PD – Hugh Yanakov choses a site for his family home near snow-capped mountains. (HH2)

12th Century PD Edit

  • Early 12th Century PD – By this time, the colonists on Grayson lost most of the technological knowledge that they brought from Earth. (HH2)

13th Century PD Edit

14th Century PD Edit

15th Century PD Edit

  • 3/21/1416 PD / 0 AL – The first shuttle from the Jason landed on Manticore. (HH1)
  • 1422 PD - The planet Sphinx is first settled. (SK2)

16th Century PD Edit

  • 1509 PD – The first class of midshipmen graduate from the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy. (SI1)
  • Jan 03 1519 Stephanie Harrington discovers treecats, the twelfth sentient species known to man. (SK1, infodump)
  • 1543 PD - an attack against the Star Kingdom's home space, the last one before 1913 PD (HH8)
  • 1568 PD – The Ninth Amendment to the Manticoran Constitution is ratified, giving treecats their basic rights as a sentient species. (HHA2.2: WPD,Companion)

17th Century PD Edit

18th Century PD Edit

19th Century PD Edit

  • 1804 PD- The Havenite treasury is effectively empty. (HH4)
  • 1850s PD – The People's Republic of Haven begins its half century of conquest. (HH2) The new Protector's Palace is constructed in Austin City on Grayson. (HH8)
  • 1879 PD – Harrington graduates from Saganami Island. (source?)
  • 1886 PD - PNS Conquistador receives the first of many "Double A" efficiency ratings in the People's Navy. (JIR2)

20th Century PD Edit

  • Jan 24, 1912 PD - The execution of Honor Harrington by hanging is publicly reported by Second Deputy Director of Public Information Leonard Boardman. (HH8)
  • Oct 24, 1913 PD - Battle of Cerberus - culminating point of the POWs and political prisoners escape from Havenite secret planetary prison Hades[4] (HH8)
  • Feb 1914 PD - Manpower Incident takes place on Old Terra. (HHA3.3: FtH)
  • December 18, 1914 PD - Esther McQueen is forced by misinterpreted events to prematurely launch her ultimately-failing coup attempt against the Committee of Public Safety. Oscar Saint-Just orders the destruction of the Octagon by detonating a concealed nuclear device, killing McQueen and all surviving members of the Committee of Public Safety except for Saint-Just himself. (HH9)
  • Dec 25, 1914 PD - The Allied Eighth Fleet, under the command of Admiral White Haven, attacks the primary forward Republican naval base at Enki in the Barnett System. (HH9)
  • Mar 5, 1915 PD - On the eve of Eighth Fleet's strike against the Lovat System, Oscar Saint-Just transmits a truce offer to Manticore's Eighth Fleet in the Tequila System. (HH9)
  • Mar 31, 1915 PD - Notification arrives at Haven that the Star Kingdom of Manticore, under the newly-formed High Ridge government, unilaterally accepts the Havenite truce offer for all Alliance members. (HH9)
  • 1916-1919 - Thomas Theisman and the restored Republic of Haven Navy conduct a three year campaign to secure the reborn Republic of Haven from Office of State Security holdouts. (HH10)
  • 1920 PD - Deceived by the political machinations of Secretary of State Arnold Giancola, the Republic of Haven launches Operation Thunderbolt in an attempt to pressure the High Ridge-led Star Kingdom of Manticore to negoitate in good faith, starting the Second Havenite-Manticoran War. (HH10)
  • Sept 1920 PD - Republic of Haven Secratary of State Arnold Giancola and his brother die in a aircar accident. (HH11)
  • Jan 11, 1921 PD - The Talbott Constitutional Convention on Spindle passes a draft constitution for the Talbott Cluster preparatory to the annexation into the Star Kingdom of Manticore. (SI1)
  • Nov 17, 1921 PD - SLN Frontier Fleet Task Group 3021 is disabled in the New Tuscany System by the RMN's Tenth Fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Gold Peak. (SI2)
  • May-June 1922 PD - President Eloise Pritchart makes a suprise visit to Manticore to negotiate peace treaty. The Second Havenite-Manticoran War officially ends with a military alliance between the Star Empire of Manticore and the Republic of Haven against the Solarian League. (HH12)
  • June 1922 PD Protector Benjamin Mayhew IX makes first inter-steller state visit to Manticore to sign Manticore-Haven Peace treaty on behalf of Grayson. (HH13)
  • July 02 1922 PD - The Solarian League Assembly passes a resolution to investigate Beowulf for treason. In response, Beowulf announces a coming plebiscite about whether it will remain in the League. (HH13)
  • August 1922 PD - Manticoran Tenth Fleet departs Meyers System to invade Mesa System. (HH14)
  • October 1922 PD - Manticoran Tenth Fleet arrives in the Mesa System. (CS3)

Other Lists of Dates Edit

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References Edit

  1. Not to be confused with Ante Diaspora (AD)
  2. Not to be confused with Anno Domino "Year of our Lord" (AD), the use of AD as reference to Ante Diaspore is avoided to minimize confusion
  3. 02/13/281 AL
  4. 2 years and 1 day from disaster in the Adler System
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