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Thomas Simonds
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Thomas Simonds was a Masadan citizen, and held the position of Chief Elder, the Masadan head of state.

Family Edit

He was the son of Tobias Simonds and his eldest wife. His brother was Sword of the Faithful Matthew Simonds, who was Masadan Chief of Naval Operations and the last commanding officer of the MNS Thunder of God.

Shortly before his death, Simonds married a new wife who was eighteen T-Years old at the time, much to the dismay of his brother. He already had six other wives. (HH2)

Biography Edit

In the beginning of the 20th Century PD, Simonds crafted an alliance with the People's Republic of Haven, who gave the Navy of Masada two warships, PNS Saladin (renamed MNS Thunder of God) and PNS Breslau (renamed MNS Principality). Simonds believed that the Star Kingdom of Manticore would go to war if Masada attacked and conquered the Protectorate of Grayson, destroying Royal Manticoran Navy warships along the way. He enquired from Captain Alfredo Yu of the People's Navy about when the best moment to attack Grayson would come.

Simonds organized a meeting at his home after the First Battle of Yeltsin's Star to discuss the continuing course of Operation Jericho. He agreed with Deacon Ronald Sands to follow through with the plan devised for their secret agent Maccabeus. He organized another meeting at his home after the Battle of Blackbird. Furious when hearing of Jacob Lacy's and Alfredo Yu's plan, he advised his brother to delay Thunder of God's departure for Blackbird. He wanted to dissolve the alliance between Masada and Haven, being cautious yet ambitious in his plans to conquer Grayson. (HH2)

After the Manticoran Alliance's occupation of Masada began, Elder Simonds was found brutally murdered and mutilated; the police were unable to locate all his body parts.[1] (HH5)

Character Edit

Simonds was considered a man very pleased with himself. (HHA4.1: PL)

References Edit

  1. Mercedes Brigham believed Simonds' wives to be behind the murder.