Thomas Mayhew II, commonly known as Thomas the Usurper, was a Protector of Grayson in the early 15th Century PD.

Although it was never proven, it was widely believed that he assassinated his older brother, Caleb Mayhew, in order to become Protector himself. However, one of his brother's junior wives, Patricia, gave birth to a son after being smuggled out of the Protector's Palace by Steadholder Dietmar Yanakov. Thomas II was sworn in as Protector, but the birth of his nephew, Bernard V, caused a six-year dynastic war which ended with Thomas II's removal from the throne. (Companion)

Benjamin IX considered him one of the "black sheep" of the Mayhew clan. (HH8)

Preceded by
Protector of Grayson
Succeeded by
Bernard V

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