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Thomas Greentree
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Thomas Greentree was a Grayson citizen and an officer of the Grayson Space Navy.

Biography Edit

As a Lieutenant, he served as assistant tactical officer aboard the light cruiser GNS Covington.

Holding the rank of Captain, he was in command of the heavy cruiser GNS Jason Alvarez. Some time late, he was given the superdreadnought GNS Benjamin the Great, serving as Admiral White Haven's flag captain. He was devestated when he heard of the presumed loss of Honor Harrington. (HH7)

He later commanded the pod-laying superdreadnought GNS Honor Harrington as Admiral Judah Yanakov’s flag captain. (HH9)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Lieutenant (1903 PD)
  • Lieutenant Commander and Commander[1]
  • Captain (after 1905 PD)[2]

Posts Edit

  • Assistant Tactical Officer, GNS Covington (1903 PD - mentioned in HH7)
  • student, RMN's Advanced Tactical Training Course (mentioned in HH7)
  • Commanding Officer, destroyer (mentioned in HH7)
  • Commanding Officer, light cruiser division (1907 PD - mentioned in HH7)
  • Commanding Officer, GNS Jason Alvarez (1911 PD - HH7)
  • acting Commanding Officer, Cruiser Squadron 18 (Oct 23, 1911 PD - HH7)
  • Commanding Officer, GNS Benjamin the Great (1913 PD - HH7)
  • Commanding Officer, GNS Honor Harrington (1914 PD - HH9)

References Edit

  1. Lieutenant Commander probably as Commanding Officer of destroyer - according to Jayne's, an RMN destroyer mandated a Lieutenant Commander's command.
  2. Shorter seniority than Alistair McKeon (1905 PD), promotion connected with light cruiser division command or heavy cruiser command;an RMN light cruiser mandated a Captain (JG)'s command

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