The Third Stellar Missionary Communion (Reformed) was a human religious faith.

Beliefs Edit

The Third Stellar Missionary Communion (Reformed) was a Christian denomination, but its theology encouraged individualism and emphasized each individual's direct and personal relationship with God, with a minimum structure. Despite this, for at least one hundred years prior to 1907 PD, Third Stellar high church practice had become more formalized. (HH5)

In 1920 PD, the Catholic Archbishop of Manticore, Robert Telmachi, remarked to Reverend Jeremiah Sullivan that the Third Stellars were what the Church of Humanity Unchained might have become without a formal leadership and structure. (HH11)

Organization Edit

As the Communion had no formal structure, each congregation acted almost independently, being responsible for its own relationship with God. However, every three T-years representatives from all congregations met in a General Convocation, and in each Convocation these representatives elected both a leadership for the Convocation's meetings as well as the members of a Coordinating Committee which served between Convocations.[1] (HH11)

Women could become part of the Communion's clergy, and female Third Stellar priests were referred to as "Mothers". (HH5)

Practitioners Edit

Both Alfred and Allison Chou Harrington were Third Stellars, and Honor Harrington was also raised and confirmed in the same faith, even though she considered herself to not be particularly religious. (HH5)

References Edit

  1. Although most organizers at these convocations referred to them as "an exercise in herding treecats".