Third Fleet
Royal Manticoran Navy
Affiliation: Star Kingdom of Manticore
Established: 1913 PD
Commanding Officer: Admiral Theodosia Kuzak
Flagship: HMS King Roger III
Strength: 55 SD

Notable Battles: Battle of Manticore

The Third Fleet was a major operational command of the Royal Manticoran Navy tasked with the defense of the Trevor's Star System and the planet San Martin following its liberation from the People's Republic of Haven and subsequent annexation into the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

History Edit

First Havenite-Manticoran WarEdit

Commanded since its establishment by Admiral Theodosia Kuzak, Third Fleet helped keeping San Martin secure from Havenite counterattacks during the later stages of the First Haven-Manticore War, and by the time of Operation Icarus, its order of battle included fifty-five superdreadnoughts. (HH8)

In the aftermath of the truce between the Star Kingdom and the Republic, which led to the dissolution of Eighth Fleet, Third Fleet remained one of the two major operational fleets of the RMN, together with Home Fleet. (HH10)

Second Havenite-Manticoran WarEdit

When war broke out again between Manticore and Haven, Third Fleet remained assigned to Trevor's Star, which also served as the base for the reconstituted Eighth Fleet led by Admiral Honor Harrington; whereas Eighth Fleet had an offensive role in the new conflict, Third Fleet continued to serve a defensive mission. (HH11)

During Operation Thunderbolt, the Havenite Navy's First Fleet, commanded by Admiral Javier Giscard, attempted to destroy Third Fleet in a lightning strike, only to be driven out of the system by the sudden appearance of Grayson reinforcements commanded by Admiral White Haven. (HH10)

Third Fleet was recalled to the Manticore System when the Havenite Navy launched the attack that would trigger the Battle of Manticore. However, its arrival allowed the Havenites to spring up a trap which caught Third Fleet between the combined fire of Admiral Lester Tourville's Second Fleet and Admiral Genevieve Chin's Fifth Fleet. As a result, Third Fleet was for all purposes destroyed by the Havenites, save for a small group of vessels which survived with heavy damage.

Third Fleet's losses included its flagship, HMS King Roger III, which suffered a total compensator failure, leading to the death of its entire complement, including Admiral Kuzak and her staff. (HH11)

Staff Edit

References Edit

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