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Third Fleet
Republic of Haven Navy
Affiliation: Republic of Haven
Commanding Officer: Admiral Javier Giscard
Flagship: RHNS Sovereign of Space

Notable Operations: defensive operations
Notable Battles: Battle of Solon
Battle of Lovat

The Third Fleet was one of the major naval force of the Havenite Navy during the Second Haven-Manticore War. (HH11)

Staff Edit

Captain Marius Gozzi - Chief of Staff

Organization Edit

The full organization of the Third Fleet is not certain, as it was not explained in At All Costs:

  • in Battle of Lovat took part probably a main force, while Lovat was the nodal defence system,
  • in Battle of Solon and Raid on Lorn took part detached task forces, while both systems were secondary in defence priority.

References Edit

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