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"The Hard Way Home", written by David Weber, is the fourth short story in the second Honorverse anthology Worlds of Honor, first published in 1999.

Timeframe: 1890 PD

Plot Edit

Lieutenant Commander Honor Harrington, serving as executive officer of the heavy cruiser HMS Broadsword, is participating in a series of evaluation exercises of a new type of pinnace when an avalanche strikes the Athinai Holiday Resort on the planet Gryphon, killing hundreds and burying many others under meters of snow. Honor must take command of the rescue operations and save as many people as she and the men and women of Broadsword can.

Among the missing are siblings Susan and Ranjit Hibson, who must try to survive until help arrives.

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Athinai Resort | Attica Avalanche | Barony of Novaya Tyumen | Black Mountains | Broadsword-class | Gryphon Mountain Data Interface | Olympus Fault | Olympus Mountains | Olympus Valley | Pinnace | Royal Manticoran Marine Corps | Royal Manticoran Navy

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