Tenth Fleet
Royal Manticoran Navy
Affiliation: Star Kingdom of Manticore
Established: 1921 PD
Commanding Officer: Admiral Gold Peak
Flagship: HMS Artemis (BC)

Notable Battles: Second Battle of New Tuscany
Battle of Spindle

Tenth Fleet was an independent unit of the Royal Manticoran Navy, tasked with providing security for the Talbott Quadrant.

Assigned to Talbott Station, the fleet was formally activated when Cruiser Squadron 94 and Destroyer Squadron 301 were deployed to the Quadrant in 1921 PD.[1]

History Edit

Task Force Talbott became part of Tenth Fleet.

Order of battle Edit

Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral/Admiral Gold Peak

Initial Edit

Post-Spindle Edit

As Lynx became part of the Star Kingdom of Manticore Lynx terminus wasn't a responsibility of the 10th Fleet. That's why Lynx teminus picket[7] was independent from the 10th Fleet. (HH12)

After the Second Battle of Manticore, Tenth Fleet was further reinforced with light units led by Captain Grierson.

Tactical organization Edit

The main force was split into two equal parts: Admiral Gold Peak's task force at Montana and Vice Admiral Bennington's task force at Tillerman.

The order of battle of the Montana force was as follows:

  • main force - moved to Tillerman after the Second Battle of Manticore
    • Battle Squadron 16
    • CLAC element - CO Admiral Menadue
    • Battlecruiser Squadron 108
  • Commodore Terekhov's task group – sent to Mobius
    • cruiser division 94.1
    • a destroyer squadron
    • HMS Cloud[8] – CO Captain Weiss
    • Colonel Simak's marine battalion
  • Rear Admiral Culbertson's task group – left in Montana:
    • CLAC element - CO Admiral Culbertson
    • Cruiser Division 94.2
    • Cruiser Division 96.1
    • Destroyer Squadron 301
  • Task Group 10.2.7 – CO Captain (SG) Amanda Belloc – sent to Tallulah System
    • HMS Madelyn Hoffman
    • A division of Roland-class destroyers – CO Captain Leah Piekarski
    • A light cruiser HMS Huang Zhen
    • Destroyer Division 102.1 comprising of five Culverin-class destroyers – CO Zachariah Lewis
    • A freighter Veele Vosburgh
  • Task Group 10.2.8 – CO Captain Aldus O'Brien – sent to Kumang System
  • Task Group 10.2.9 – CO Captain Prescott Tremaine – sent to Golem, Włocławek

Order of battle of Vice Admiral Bennington's force:

  • his battle squadron
  • Battlecruiser Squadron 106

Staff Edit

See: Battlecruiser Squadron 106#Staff

Service Record Edit

See: New Tuscany Incident | Second Battle of New Tuscany | Battle of Spindle | Battle of Saltash

References Edit

  1. Together with Destroyer Squadron 301 it joined Battlecruiser Squadron 106.
  2. Originally charged with LAC deployment to systems in the Talbott Quadrant. Joined Tenth Fleet just before the Battle of Spindle by the authority of Vice Admiral Gold Peak.
  3. from January 1922 PD
  4. Units of the Task Force Talbott as well as three milspec ammunition ships obtained just before the Battle of Spindle four million-ton units: HMS Mauna Loa, HMS New Popocatépetl, and HMS Nova Kilimanjaro; after destruction of the Manticoran shipyards repair ships were transferred to Manticore.
  5. There were 20 Keyhole 1 SD(P)s assigned to the 10th Fleet as two and a half squadrons, very likely at least temporary - wall of battle of the Task Force 302.
  6. 20 units, possibly two carrier squadrons of 8 units and Carrier Division 7.1 - including HMS Cloud.
  7. Task Force 302 temporary.
  8. One of Admiral Culbertson’s CLACs.

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