Tennessee Bolgeo was an employee of Ustinov's Exotic Pets, Inc..

In the early 16th Century PD, he posed as a scientist who held the Kerry Gilley Distinguished Chair of Xeno-Anthropology at Liberty University in the Chattanooga System, and came to the planet Sphinx in the Manticore System on a Paulk Grant to study the newly discovered treecats. In reality, he was on Sphinx to determine whether the creatures could be sold a valuable pets. However, he also had patrons in Manticore who were more interested in proving that treecats were not really sentient.

He eventually caught a dozen treecats with special automated traps, but was caught by Stephanie Harrington when trying to bring in the thirteenth one. Her treecat friends set a hexapuma loose on him, but Harrington killed it in order to get Bolgeo alive. He was taken into custody, awaiting trial for poaching. (SK1)

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