Task Group 3021 was independent tactical unit of the Solarian League Navy's Frontier Fleet.

Its only known appointed commanding officer was Admiral Josef Byng of the Battle Fleet.[1]

History Edit

In 1921 PD, after the Battle of Monica, Task Group 3021 was moved to the Madras Sector. Admiral Byng visited the Republic of Monica with two squadrons to "show the flag", while Battlecruiser Squadron 201 was split to visit other independent Verge systems.

When Admiral Byng was visiting the New Tuscany System with units of Squadrons 112 and 302 on October 25, 1921 PD, he ordered the destruction of three Manticoran destroyers without provocation.

See: New Tuscany Incident

After the Royal Manticoran Navy's Tenth Fleet's arrival at New Tuscany on November 17th, Admiral Byng refused to surrender his ships temporarily in order to perform an inquiry concerning the destruction of the RMN destroyers. Task Group 3021 was forced to surrender, when the Royal Manticoran Navy showed its combat superiority and destroyed SLNS Jean Bart with Admiral Joseph Byng and his staff aboard.

See: Second Battle of New Tuscany

After the surrender, the RMN confiscated one Nevada-class and one Indefatigable-class unit for intelligence purposes[2] and disarmed the remaining Solarian ships by blowing out their main computers. That immobilized the remained units of the Battlecruiser Squadrons 112 and 302 in the New Tuscany System. Battlecruiser Squadron 201 remained unaffected, as it was not present in the New Tuscany System at the time. In the Meyers System it was incorporated into Task Force 496.

With its commanding officer, command staff, and the combat capability of its two squadrons lost, Task Group 3021 was very likely disbanded[3]. (SI2)

Organization Edit

Order of battle Edit

The task group was supported by at least three dispatch boats[7].

Admiral Byng's staff Edit

The original staff of TG 3021 was comprised of the following Battle Fleet officers:

Captain Warden Mizawa, SLNS Jean Bart, Commanding Officer, flag captain.

Rear Admiral Sigbee's staff Edit

The only known member of Battlecruiser Squadron 112's staff was Lieutenant Maitland Askew, assistant public information officer, former assistant tactical officer on SLNS Jean Bart. (SI2)

Captain Adolf Breshnikov, SLNS Restitution, Commanding Officer, flag captain.

References Edit

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  2. All in all, the SLN lost three battlecruisers in the New Tuscany Incident.
  3. On the other hand it was possible Battlecruiser Squadrons 112 and 302 were reequipped with vessels from the Reserve
  4. initially probably 8 Nevada-class vessels, including: SLNS Jean Bart - task group flagship, SLNS Restitution - squadron flagship, and SLNS Impudent
  5. initially probably 9 Indefatigable-class vessels, including SLNS Resourceful
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