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Talbott cluster

Talbott Cluster and surrounding space

Task Force Talbott was the combined Royal Manticoran Navy force assigned to the newly established Talbott Station and charged with protection of the Talbott Cluster. It was established after discovery of the Lynx Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction, when star nations present there there petitioned to join the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

Units of Task Force Talbott became subordinated to the Tenth Fleet, which was assigned there, when the Talbott Quadrant was established. (SI1, SI2)

Order of battle Edit

Lynx Terminus picket Edit

The Lynx Terminus picket was comprised of two relatively modern destroyers and one elderly light cruiser. After the Battle of Monica, responsibility for the Manticore Junction terminus was transferred to Task Force 302.

Capital picket Edit

Commanded directly by Rear Admiral Khumalo:

Northern Patrol Edit

A group of warships responsible for anti-piracy patrols and pickets in the "northern" area of the Talbott Cluster.[1]

Southern Patrol Edit

Group of warships responsible for anti-piracy patrols and pickets in the southern area of the Talbott Cluster. Before the Battle of Monica it was comprised of 15 ships, covering Tillerman[2], Talbott and Dresden Systems, including:

HMS Hexapuma Edit

Heavy cruiser HMS Hexapuma was the strongest warship of Task Force Talbott. She was charged with "show the flag" missions in the entire Talbott Cluster space in fact, damaged in the Battle of Monica and sent off to the Star Kingdom Manticore for repairs.

Service squadron Edit

Ships of the service squadron were stationed in the Spindle and Montana Systems - units in the Montana System directly supported the Southern Patrol:[5]

Service record Edit

References Edit

  1. Later - including permanent pickets in the Marian, Scarlet and Pequod Systems (HMS Reprise (DD)).
  2. Tillerman picket after the Battle of Monica:
    * Commander Wesley Cramer's command: HMS Devastation (CL), HMS Inspired (CL) and HMS Victorious (DD)
    * Captain Jerome Conner's command: HMS Penelope and HMS Romulus of the Battlecruiser Division 106.1
  3. earlier in Spindle and Tillerman
  4. The ship type of the HMS Inspired is not definitive, but probably it was a light cruiser.
  5. Command authority asserted by Captain Terekhov.

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