Task Force Minette-01 was a task force of the Royal Manticoran Navy in charge of picketing and defending the Minette System.

History Edit

It was commanded by Vice Admiral of the Red Ludwig Stanton.

Seeing the overwhelming Havenite forces arrayed against him in the First Battle of Minette, Stanton decided to withdraw and ordered the evacuation of all technical personnel. He then planned to pass the Havenites on the way out, firing as many missiles as he could at their superdreadnoughts in order to ease the ability of a counterattack to take the system. Before moving out, he contacted the Premier of Everest to inform him of his intentions.

During the withdrawal, Stanton's forces managed to destroy one superdreadnought, heavily damage another, and destroyed a battlecruiser, in return for heavy damage to two dreadnoughts (HMS Majestic and HMS Orion) as well as losing four heavy cruisers. (HH5)

Composition Edit

  • an understrength squadron of four dreadnoughts, including:
    • HMS Majestic, Captain George Truscot commanding, task force flagship
    • HMS Orion
  • a cruiser element, including:
    • HMS Seeress
    • HMS Oracle
  • a destroyer element

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