Task Force 891 was a operational unit of the Solarian League Navy's Battle Fleet. Its commanding officer in 1921 PD was Fleet Admiral Massimo Filareta. (SI2, HH12)

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Initially, Task Force 891 comprised over three hundred ships of the wall and their limited screen. It was planned to be strengthened with an additional 80 or so ships of the wall[1] and reach a total strength of almost 400 ships of the wall. Task Force 891 did not have the logistic support Task Force 496 had.[2] (HH12)

Finally containing 427 ships of the wall, the task force was renamed the Eleventh Fleet‎. (HH13)

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Service controversy Edit

In 1921 PD the task force was unusually deployed in the Tasmania System, outside the "Old League", for major fleet training exercises codenamed Operation East Wind. After Battle Fleet's humiliating defeat in the Battle of Spindle and following the destruction of Manticoran shipyards, Eleventh Fleet was ordered, without a formal declaration of war, to enter the Manticore System and demand the surrender of the Star Empire of Manticore.

Despite the fact that the mission of Eleventh Fleet was secret and the force didn't use the Beowulf terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction, Beowulf managed to obtain information concerning that force and passed it to the Manticoran and Havenite governments.

In case of Manticore's refusal to surrender, the Chief of Naval Operations, SLN, was prepared to sacrifice the task force in order to waste irreplacable Manticoran missiles.[3] However, as a result of peace negotiations between the Star Empire and the Republic of Haven, plans were made to charge the Republic of Haven Navy with the defense of the Manticore System against Eleventh Fleet. (HH12)

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References Edit

  1. Equivalent to 10 battle squadrons
  2. 3 repair ships, 24 store ships and 2 ammunition ships for fleet train Exercise Winter Forage purposes
  3. Thought to be irreplacable after the destruction of Manticoran naval industry in Operation Oyster Bay