Task Force 302 (also refered to as Task Force 14) was a heavy unit of the Royal Manticoran Navy's Home Fleet .

In 1921 PD, it was dispatched to the Lynx Terminus of the Manticoran Wormhole Junction in the aftermath of the Battle of Monica, and assumed responsbility for the security of the terminus. Its commanding officer was Vice Admiral Jessup Blaine, whose flagship was the HMS Lysander.

The screen consisted of several battlecruisers. In 1921 two squadrons of battlecruisers were organized as Task Group 302.1, under a command of Vice Admiral Quentin O'Malley. They were charged with covering the Monica System after the Battle of Monica. (SI2)

The unit was dispatched to re-enforce Tenth Fleet (concentrated in the Spindle System) by the Admiralty, when it receved word of the possible attack by Admiral Sandra Crandall's Task Force 496. (SI2)

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