Task Force 30 was an operational detachment of the People's Navy assigned to drive away the Manticoran forces in the Minette System as part of Operation Stalking Horse.

Mission Edit

Commanded by Vice Admiral Esther McQueen, the task force entered the Minette System and proceeded for the system's inhabited planet, Everest. TF30's numerical and qualitative superiority over the Manticoran units guarding Minette forced the Manticoran commanding officer, Vice Admiral of the Red Ludwig Stanton, to order Task Force Minette-01 to abandon the orbit of Everest and make for the outer system, but only after launching a sustained salvo against the incoming Havenite fleet until his ships magazines were empty. (HH5)

While Task Force 30 lost a single superdreadnought and a battlecruiser and another of its superdreadnoughts suffered extensive damage, its mission was a success and it remained picketing the inner system until Allied reinforcements drove it back into Havenite space. (HH7)

Organization Edit

Command team Edit

Strength Edit

Sixteen superdreadnoughts, seven battlecruisers and thirty-two lighter vessels. (HH5)

Order of battle Edit

See: First Battle of Minette#People's Navy

References Edit

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