Task Force 29 was an independent operation task force of the People's Navy, organized to engage in commerce warfare against Manticoran shipping in the Silesian Confederacy during the First Haven-Manticore War.

Mission Edit

TF29's mission was to attack and destroy Manticoran freighters and commercial vessels traveling through the Silesian Confederacy's space lanes, in an attempt to choke the revenue Manticore generated through its trade with the Silesian worlds, which was already under severe strain due to the increase in piracy following the redeployment of the Royal Manticoran Navy to the war's frontlines.

During the mission planning, the People's Navy argued that, given its long expansionist ambitions over Silesia and its suspicions over Haven's future plans, as well as the impossibility of keeping such an operation under cover, the Andermani Empire would react negatively to any Havenite naval activity in Confederate space, but the Committee of Public Safety ignored these concerns to continue with the operation.

However, a special provision was included in Admiral Giscard's orders, requiring all TF29 ships to render assistance to any Andermani-flagged vessel under attack from local Silesian pirates.

Despite some early successes, a series of visible defeats (including the Battle of the Selker Rift) which blew away operational secrecy, as well as evidence that the Andermani Empire was concerned enough over the situation to collaborate with Manticore in Silesia, forced the Committee of Public Safety to order the immediate recall of Task Force 29 to Haven. (HH6, HH7)

Organization Edit

Command team Edit

Strength Edit

Task Force 29 was comprised of 8 battlecruisers, 12 heavy cruisers and 10 light cruisers.

Order of battle Edit

Outcome and losses Edit

Only partial outcome is known:

  • Captain Waters' division destroyed five Manticoran freighters
  • Commodore Jurgens' division destroyed one armed merchant cruiser and one destroyer of the RMN

Both divisions, as well as one light cruiser, were lost.

Service record Edit

See: Battle of the Tyler's Star
See: Battle of Schiller
See: Battle of the Selker Rift

References Edit

  1. commanded together with Kenneth Aston, People's Commissioner assigned to Commodore Jurgens

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