Task Force 1 was a task unit of the Mesan Alignment Navy.

Organization Edit

Commanding Officer: Admiral Frederick Topolev

Staff Edit

Task Group 1.1 Edit

Fifteen strike ships directed against the Manticore A system and its shipyards, HMSS Hephaestus and HMSS Vulcan. Commanding officer - Admiral Topolev.

Task Group 1.2 Edit

Six strike ships directed against the Manticore B system and its shipyard, HMSS Weyland, CO - Rear Admiral Lydia Papnikitas.

Task Group 1.3 Edit

The squadron of scout ships transported by carrier. Commanding Officer - Commodore Karol Østby.[1]. (SI2, HH12)

Task Group 1.4 Edit

Another group of scout ships, CO - Commodore Milena Omelchenko.

Operation Oyster Bay Edit

In late 1921 PD Task Force 1 was ordered to destroy the shipyards in the Manticore Binary System. Fifteen ships were directed against Manticore A and five ships against Manticore B.

References Edit

  1. Because of the small size of his flagship, his staff support was limited. Commander Sheila Flynn, Chief of Staff, and Commander Clement Foreman, Operations Officer were mentioned only.