Task Force 14 was a naval detachment of the People's Navy organised and commanded by Vice Admiral Alexander Thurston to attack Grayson and Masada during the First Havenite-Manticoran War in 1907 PD.

Mission Edit

TF14 was formed to execute Operation Dagger, which followed from Operation Stalking Horse. The overall goal was to obtain an offensive victory against the Manticoran Alliance, in order to stiffen Havenite morale and to force the Alliance to divert forces from the frontlines to guard their rear. In order to do this, TF14 was to first attack the Yeltsin's Star System, where it would destroy the Grayson Space Navy and Grayson's orbtial infrastructure. Elements of the Task Force (Task Groups 14.2 and 14.3) would then destroy the Royal Manticoran Navy pickets in the Endicott System and deliver advanced weapons to the surface of Masada for use by insurgents.

Task Force 14 was largely destroyed in battle at the Fourth Battle of Yeltsin's Star and Task Groups 14.2 and 14.3 therefore did not attempt to reach Endicott. (HH5)

Strength Edit

Task Force 14 was made up of 36 battleships, 24 battlecruisers, 42 heavy cruisers, 38 light cruisers[1], and 42 destroyers. (HH5)

Order of battle Edit

Task Group 14.1 Edit

Commanded by Rear Admiral Chavez and including 24 battleships and 6 battlecruisers. Admiral Thurston's flagship was part of this group, which was largely wiped out during the battle.

  • three battleship squadrons[2]
  • a battlecruiser squadron

Task Group 14.2 Edit

Commanded by Rear Admiral Theisman and made up of 12 battleships and some battlecruisers.

  • a battleship element[3]
  • a battlecruiser squadron

Task Group 14.3 Edit

Commanded by Rear Admiral Chernov and made up of two troop transports, five freighters and some battlecruisers[4].

Staff Edit

Captain Jordan – operations officer

References Edit

  1. including PNS Vaubon at TG 14.1 screen
  2. including PNS Conquistador, task force flag, and PNS Vindicator, the sole survived battleship
  3. Including PNS Conquerant, Rear Admiral Theisman's flagship
  4. a squadron very likely commanded by Chernov

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