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IP added the following section to the article. I moved it here for the time being because it is not in accordance with many of our Editing Conventions. However, the IP is certainly correct in pointing out that this article seems to mix up a number of things.

DuQuesne is decribed in HH8 chapter 24 as "the powerful Legislaturalist who had been the architect behind the PRH's original plan of conquest", and in HH3 chapter 18 as "the master architect of the Republic's march to empire". Also in HH1 prologue, the DuQuesne plan is referred to as something that cost more and generated less "than we expected", during the reign of the last Hereditary President Sidney Harris.
This indicates that the DuQuesne plan is indeed merely the series of conquests to fill the treasury starting in the 1850s PD. Since the Prolong Treatment became available in the Star Kingdom of Manticore around 1830 PD, and Manticore lies between and Haven, it would be unlikely that Prolong was available for a man who radically reformed Haven in the early 1700s PD. That means he cannot be the same person who helped create the People's Republic of Haven, after passing the Economic Bill of Rights in 1680 PD.
The DuQuesne plan was implemented because the Economic Bill of Rights and the other reforms that changed the Republic of Haven into the People's Republic of Haven put the economy in permanent recession. The Legislaturalists had to provide an ever higher Basic Living Stipend to prevent popular uprisings (from succeeding).
Ultimately, the Legislaturalists saw only one way to pay for the BLS on Haven: To tax other planets. Obviously these other planets did not consent and had to be brought under Havenite control before acceding to paying Havenite taxes. That is, Haven conquered nearby star polities to transfer their wealth to Haven. The plan failed because these worlds were force to apply Haven's constitution ("generate less") and tried to secede ("cost more").
HH1 prologue describes that Haven must take on/over Manticore next in the DuQuesne plan. With the loss of the First Havenite-Manticoran War and the Second Havenite-Manticoran War, Haven lost the ability to pursue the DuQuesne plan. After the economic reforms and the reversal to the original constitution after the Theisman Coup in 1915 PD it was no longer needed since the economy had started to grow.

-- SaganamiFan 01:55, July 4, 2012 (UTC)