Talbott cluster

Talbott Cluster and surrounding space

Talbott Station was a Royal Manticoran Navy duty station established after the discovery of the Lynx Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction. Its headquarters was located at the Spindle System, seat of the Constitutional Convention of the Talbott Quadrant, declared the capital of that state. (SI1, SI2)

Area Edit

Talbott Station's area of responsibility initially was the entire Talbott Cluster, including the systems that established the Talbott Quadrant and the Lynx System with its wormhole terminus. After the Battle of Monica, the Lynx Terminus Station was established and responsibility for that terminus was transferred to the Task Force 302 based there. (SI2)

Chain of command Edit

Initial Edit

Including 10th Fleet Edit

After the Battle of SpindleEdit

  • Admiral Augustus Khumalo - Senior Officer
  • Admiral Gold Peak - Second in command, Commanding Officer 10th Fleet
  • Vice Admiral Aploloniá Munming - Second in Command 10th Fleet, Commanding Officer Battle Squadron 16

Staff Edit

Assigned forces Edit

Task Force Talbott Edit

Initially, before the Talbott Quadrant was established, a weak combined force, called probably the Task Force Talbott, was assigned there.

Tenth Fleet Edit

When the Talbott Quadrant was established, the Tenth Fleet of the Royal Manticoran Navy was created and assigned there.

Local defense Edit

Under the Constitution of the Talbott Quadrant 15 local self-defense forces were planned to be organized as the Quadrant Guard.

LACs issue Edit

  • Local defense forces were planned to be strenghtened with modern LACs and integrated with the RMN.
  • More exposed points were covered first. In the initial stage decent coverage around the northern periphery was planned. Because of it the first planned deployment places were Prairie, Celebrant, and Nuncio, but not Pequod.[1]
  • A LAC group supported Tillerman picket.
  • LAC Group 711 took part in the Battle of Spindle.

References Edit

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