The Talbott Constitutional Convention was a convention of representatives of all planetary governments of the Talbott Cluster in 1920 PD, who met on the planet Flax to draft a common constitution for their unified star nations as an important step towards becoming part of the Star Empire of Manticore.

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After the Cluster-wide plebiscite that showed large support of the annexation, the political elites of the entire Talbott Cluster met in the city of Thimble on Flax to work out the final draft for a unilateral constitution that would be submitted to Queen Elizabeth III and the Manticoran parliament.

The Freedom Alliance of Kornati and Montana Independence Movement conducted violent action in an attempt to prevent their respective star nations from joining the Star Empire. They received arms from a front organization for the Office of Frontier Security. Their efforts were unsuccessful, and the MIM eventually accepted an amnesty offer from the government after the OFS's role was exposed.

The Constitutional Liberal Party, organized and led by Planetary President of Kornati Aleksandra Tonkovic, used delaying tactics which were threatening to derail not simply the Convention but the entire annexation effort. After Captain Aivars Terekhov of the Royal Manticoran Navy and Bernardus Van Dort informed the Kornatian Parliament of the Queen's ultimatum[1], the Split System changed its policy, and Tonkovic was recalled and made to resign.

Some time later, the constitutional draft created by Joachim Alquezar and his team was verified. The sole system that did not ratify the constitution was New Tuscany. (SI1)

Following the ratification of the Constitution in January 1921 PD, the member systems, with the exception of New Tuscany, became the Talbott Quadrant, part of the newly formed Star Empire of Manticore. (SI2)

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  1. Manticore would no longer consider itself bound to any agreement if a draft constitution was not voted on within 150 T-days; after that, Manticore would either withdraw the offer of annexation in its entirety or else submit a list of star systems which it would exclude from any future annexation, and the Split System would be on that list.