Talbott cluster

Talbott Cluster and surrounding space

The Talbott Cluster was a group of star systems located near each other in the Verge of the Solarian League.

Star Geography Edit

The volume was named the 'Talbott Cluster' because the Solarian Office of Frontier Security had its original outpost in the region in the Talbott System. In fact, the area was neither a cluster nor centered around Talbott. (SI1)

Societies Edit

Compared with other worlds of the early 20th Century PD, the systems of the Cluster had been colonized only recently, and were generally underdeveloped and poor. Bernardus van Dort, leader of the Rembrandt Trade Union, a small shipping cartel which had come to dominate Cluster trade, had implemented a long term project to increase the Cluster's economic strength so as to improve the Cluster's standing when the OFS finally moved to take control. When the Manticore wormhole terminus was discovered, he and the Rembrandt Trade Union proposed and led the campaign in favor of joining Manticore.

In the 1920s PD, following the discovery of the Lynx Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction, a large majority of the citizens of seventeen of the inhabited planets in the Cluster voted for annexation by the Star Kingdom of Manticore. They considered that fate better than ending up under the formal control of OFS, renowned for exploitation and mistreatment of the systems under its 'protection'. Those voting for annexation participated in the Constitutional Convention on Flax, negotiating the terms of annexation. All but one attendee, New Tuscany, ended up joining the newly created Star Empire of Manticore as the Talbott Quadrant. (SI1, SI2)

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