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You may also be looking for the Talbott System.

The Talbot System was a star system in the space between Manticore and Haven, and part of the Manticoran Alliance's territory. (HH3, HH5)

A Royal Manticoran Navy station and large shipyards were established there.[1] Talbot Station was a more important base for the Alliance than one in the nearby Poicters System.

In 1904 PD Talbot Station was supported with ships of wall, including the dreadnought HMS Bellerophon.

During the Battle of Talbot, in the First Havenite-Manticoran War premise, Rob S. Pierre's only son, Rear Admiral Edward Pierre of the People's Navy, was killed. (HH3)

References Edit

  1. It is not certain if Talbot was uninhabited or owned by an independent star nation that was a member of the Manticoran Alliance.

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