TNS Pottawatomie Creek was a Nat Turner-class frigate of the Royal Torch Navy. Originally she was registered in the Princedom of Alizon and officially operated by the Anti-Slavery League.

History Edit

She was built in the Hauptman Yards 1918-19 PD. The ship was named by Jeremy X, the Ballroom's leader, after the Pottawatomie Massacre in May 1856 CE in North America on Earth. As an Anti-Slavery League vessel, Pottawatomie Creek was used as a training ship for members of the Audubon Ballroom, and probably as an anti-slaver ship as well.

In 1919 PD, the ship was chosen to transport the unofficial Manticoran representation[1] to Erewhon for the funeral of Hieronymus Stein. She later took Anton Zilwicki to the planet Smoking Frog in the Maya Sector to investigate a clue to Elaine Komandorski's origins. (CS1)

Following the establishment of the Kingdom of Torch, Pottawatomie Creek, as well as her sister vessels, were commissioned by the Royal Torch Navy. (CS2)

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